Can you Haiku?

In 4SC, we have been writing some poetry! Today we have been learning about syllables so that we can write our own Haiku poetry!

What is a Haiku?

Nadia: A haiku is a poem where you can only have 3 lines. The first line has to have 5 syllables only. The second line can only have 7 syllables and the third line can only have 5 syllables again.   

Do these poems have to rhyme? 

Anum: They don’t have to rhyme – they can still be good even if they don’t rhyme. 

Ryan: This was quite a challenge for some people but by the end of the lesson, most of us succeeded! 

Here are some of our haiku poems:

Lewis – Augustus Gloop

Fat Augustus Gloop,

This boy was like a potato,

There’s no saving him. 

Eric – Violet Beauregarde

Chewing all along

Chewing, chewing all along

Jaws that never stop. 

Erin – Willy Wonka

Chocolate is nice,

Willy Wonka loves it all,

Sugary candy. 

Robyn – Charlie and Violet

Little, smart Charlie, 

Chocolate and lolly pops, 

Violet chews the gum. 

Jake – Mike Teavee

Mikey loves T.V.

I love chocolate and grass,

T.V is super. 

Aashish – Augustus Gloop

Round as a huge ball,

The fat Gloop eats every time,

Always eats big bars.


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