Aqueduct Challenge!

On Tuesday 21st March, Year 4 welcomed grown ups into school to help with our Aqueduct Challenge!

Sreeja:  It was hard but we managed to make some amazing aqueducts.

Yu-Geun: It was fun and grown ups helped us very well.  We made good aqueducts!

Mylan: Grown ups panicked some times but we worked together to make a good job of it!

Semi: Grown ups and kids worked as a team to make the aqueducts.

Ryan: This was a very hard challenge but we succeeded.

Eric: We made something that other classes couldn’t make!  We tested our aqueducts with water and they worked!  Wow!

Arush: As everybody says, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’

Anum: Everybody did a good job, even though there were a range of teams with different experiences and levels of skill.

Nadia: I was really proud of mine and I thought everyone did really well!

Erin: We all had great ideas!

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