Major eruptions in 4SC!


Did you catch us at the British Science Week science fair on Wednesday?  If so, you’ll remember that we asked you to make some predictions about our lava lamps!

We decided to test our your predictions and carry out the experiments for ourselves!

Here were our results!

EXPERIMENT 1 – Does the temperature of the water make a difference to the effect of the bubbles?

The hot water meant that the tablet dissolved faster than in the cold water, so the bubbles did not last as long!   However, it was still just as pretty!

EXPERIMENT 2 – Does having a lid on the bottle matter to the results?

No!  It didn’t! The bubbles of gas could still reach the top whether there was plenty of air trapped in the bottle or if it was open.

EXPERIMENT 3 – Does adding more tablets or fewer tablets cause a different effect?

Yes!  Adding double the amount of tablet created double the amount of bubbles and we had an unfortunate overflowing incident, straight into Anas’ tray!!

EXPERIMENT 4 – Does the size of the bottle make a difference to the results?

No! We used the same ratio of oil and water and so the air could escape in the same way as the larger bottle!


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